Successful business change is about enabling the whole organisation to share in a single vision. Great communication and great training results in effective and sustainable operational change.

User Generated Training©

We design, develop and deliver User Generated Training (UGT©) because it puts the user at the heart of all our training. This approach allows us to create the most effective training content and delivery formats. By involving key people in the development process, trainee buy-in, sense of ownership, advocacy and, ultimately, the effectiveness of the training is measurably improved.

The ‘agile’ nature of UGT© means that training programmes can be continually improved and updated, and are especially effective when integrated within technology implementation and change projects.

What is UGT©?

User Generated Training© is an innovative system of training which allows us to close the gap between emerging technologies and effective technology training delivery to the workplace.

UGT© ensures maximum ROI for training clients by delivering:
  • Agile, user-led training and development programmes
  • Accurate, ongoing assessment of training needs
  • Most appropriate and efficient modes of delivery for specific user / groups of users
  • Integrated, just in time training within digital workflows
  • Content developed, refined and delivered in a continuous cycle with the end user

In line with emerging workflows, UGT© takes an agile, user-led approach to training, built around integrated engagement and collaborative training development. By placing the end user at the centre of the training development, we ensure the use of appropriate delivery frameworks and continual feedback and refinement.

  • Design

    We engage with both specific user groups and wider industry networks to constantly monitor their wants and needs. From this we can design interventions based on the accurate and ongoing assessment of actual (rather than perceived) training needs.

    Using our own industry Training Needs Analyses (TNA) we find out not just what people need to learn but also how they learn and how that learning can be most effectively delivered. These can be deployed sector-wide across users from multiple organisations, or to a discreet user-group within a single organisation.

  • Develop

    A key difference in UGT©, as opposed to traditional training courses (such as ‘chalk and talk’ classroom-based training), is that the UGT© content is developed in collaboration with participants and not just for participants.

  • Deliver

    The key to successful delivery is choosing the right methods for deploying the training. Traditional means of delivery are unlikely to be the best methods, as week-long or consecutive, day-long courses do not work for staff due to operational pressures.

    It is also true that in many cases, highly skilled craft and technical personnel do not respond as well to ‘top-down’ teaching.

    In line with emerging digital business practice and workflows, training is delivered via a combination of on-site, off-site, online and straight-to-desktop channels, blended to suit the user-group.

    Delivery often includes intensive, focused, hands-on workshops, combined with project-based learning and ongoing access to cloud-based learning resources such as video vignettes.

    The White Room has developed a world-wide network of industry practitioners who lead the delivery through peer-learning environments.

    The form of delivery is complimentary to the real business environment and is always built around real business challenges – live briefs, tech applications, management issues – so that these challenges can be solved during training.

  • Renew

    Training content and learning materials are continually updated, based on ongoing feedback from both participants and a wider network of users.

The Result?

  • By combining Technique with User-Generated training©, we can develop and deliver a programme that is ideal for the development of technical skills.

  • By focusing on both the needs and learning styles of the user, the programme ensures optimum engagement, rapid skills development and ultimately maximum ROI.