We create tailored knowledge and training platforms, as well as interactive learning applications to support a dynamic and media rich learning offer.

Technique - Knowledge & Learning Platform

A complete 360 learning and knowledge management system that augments existing face-to-face support, innovation, training and learning.

The Technique Platform delivers the right knowledge to the right people in the right format at the right time. From Skill Pills to full courses, knowledge transfer and supporting resources, vital management information and peer to peer sharing – all accessible via a unique user interface.

What makes this platform different is the power of our analytics. Our tailored platform helps business to enhance customer engagement and employee know how, as well as capture and distribute knowledge across any business community.


The Learning

Experience shows that face-to-face and work-based learning is effective but that a blended learning environment can greatly enhance the individual experience and development of real knowledge that sticks and can be accessed at all times.

The Technique Platform is designed to meet the learning management needs of our clients, allowing for customisation, interactivity and management analytics.

  • Competency structure to which you can link roles, learning resources and courses
  • Management hierarchy allowing managers to review and manage their team's learning
  • Individual development plans to manage staff performance and development
  • Full classroom management and self-service
  • Sophisticated reporting and a dashboard for management reporting
  • Enhanced theme branding to fully reflect the values of any organisation
The Knowledge 

Digital technology has given us great access to information but has had the effect of dispersing knowledge so widely that it becomes, at best, contingent. Even within a company knowledge gets built into silos of expertise and rarely works across departments, disciplines, systems and physical boundaries.

Technique provides the tools that enables knowledge capture, sharing and contextually relevant information and learning. It provides our clients (and their customers) with the tools that build a bridge between data management systems and human expertise to generate timely and relevant knowledge. This knowledge makes companies more relevant to customers, accelerates innovation, enables collaboration and creates business value from big, fragmented data and content.

Technique breaks down information silos and filters out information that is irrelevant to the task. Similarly, companies get to manage and commercialise their collective knowledge by helping customers find what they want, when they need it, wherever it resides.

  • Good knowledge management leads into positive business improvement.
  • Showcases Best Use Cases
  • Captures Existing Knowledge Base
  • Creates Better Community Engagement
  • Increased Marketing – accessible worldwide
  • Better Professional Service available 24/7
  • Product Development Improvement

Dijivo - Virtual Training Application

We create immersive ‘Virtual First Person Training’ delivered through an interactive learning application.

Presented as a suite of interactive videos wrapped in a unique interface, our immersive training app allows users to identify and respond to a range of scenarios, tailored to specific learning objectives.

We provide clients with the opportunity to create a suite of videos that will be developed and scripted to include decision points. These allow learners to interact with the video to help them better understand and exercise their learning objectives through decision making.



Videos within Dijivo contain elements that allow users to select and change the storyline of the video as it plays - all navigation is 'built in'. This results in a seamless viewing of multiple videos, with the user left feeling as though they have engaged with a single video play through from the start.


Navigation is quick and easy because you never have to leave the video. And with multiple videos you maintain a continuous viewing experience without a break in emotional engagement.


Interactivity makes videos more engaging and immersive; hence, interactive videos make it possible to maintain attention for longer periods than typical videos.


Because you can move smoothly and seamlessly from one video to another there are no interruptions or breaks in the narrative. This provides a much higher degree of emotional engagement and immersion for the viewer.


Decision points in the video timeline give you the opportunity to adapt the training to individual viewers. Learners have the opportunity to decide their ‘own fate’ through applying their learning through decision making.

Training Development

Logic could be added to analyse decisions and adapt the delivery of content accordingly.


We track user interactions within the video. What the user selected, when they selected it, what they completed, when they left the video and so forth. These stats can be extremely useful in determining the learner’s preferences, abilities, attention span or personality profile.