Do we all need to be Coders now?

Do we all need to be Coders now?

At the GM Chamber Dinner last week, Nora Senior, Executive Chair and CEO of Weber Shandwick and President of the BCC delivered a stirring speech about business, digital technology and the opportunity afforded to business in the wake of the digital revolution.  

In the same week Hubspot shouted what a lot of people have been whispering for some time - the more we run our businesses through digital technology, the greater the understanding we need within our business of how this technology works and what it can do for our people, our customers, our processes and our bottom line.  

Software and Applications are certainly now part of most business’ DNA, and whether you work in Professional Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Security, Retail or any other sector, coding is increasingly central to what we do.

Whilst we don’t need to be able to build sites from scratch, senior management and especially Marketeers, need to understand how it works if we are to make informed business decisions.

So how do we get this knowledge? There are a number of options.

  • Take your kids to a Code Club and learn by stealth. Observing them make digital stuff happen using basic programming kit is amazing and educates the mums and dads just as much as the kids.
  • Hire a Digital Apprentice and engage in the some bottom-up knowledge transfer. Grow and nurture your own digital natives and get them to teach you stuff along the way.
  • Go on line. There are a number of entertaining and effective on-line resources that take the learner through from first principles though, to wherever you want to go.
  • You could even get out of the office and go on a course. There are any number of ‘Code in a Day’ courses. Or, even better go on a Digital Business Course that contextualises your digital tech in relation to your business challenges and opportunities.


Either way, if we are to pick up the digital baton passed on by Nora Senior, if we are to navigate the rapids of digital change we, and our workforce, need to get with the programme.

Andy Lovatt

Founder, The White Room 

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Andy Lovatt is Founder of The White Room.

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